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Fire Chief                                 Charlie York

Assistant Fire Chief                   Wes Smith

Captain                                   Stephen Wiggins

Captain                                   Brandon Tackett

Lieutenant                               Dylan tidwell

Lieutenant                               Wes Bunch

Secretary                                 Amanda Reagan

Treasurer                                 Charlcy York

Members of the Mildred Folunteer Fire Departent

  • Shelby Bunch
  • Jessie Smith
  • Dawn Wiggins
  • Brandon Tackett
  • Natalie Tackett
  • Chris Reagan
  • Charlie York Jr.
  • Pam Carpenter
  • Duane Carpenter
  • Wayne McGuire
  • Matt Itschner
  • Josh Gober
  • Gary Arnett
  • Johnny Whearley
  • Ashley York
  • Gavra Hancock
  • Eric Hancock
  • Cody Tackett

If you have any questions regarding the Mildred Volunteer Fire Department Call

Charlie Yourk at 903-641-7385.

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