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City of Mildred, Texas

Mobile Home/Mfg. Home

Application for Permit

Date of Application: ______________

Name of Applicant or Owner: _____________________________________________

Address:_____________________________________ Phone: __________________

Sub-Division/where to be located: ________________________________________

911 Address: _________________________________

Lot No.: __________________ Block or Section:  ________________________


Make: ______________________________ Year: ___________ Size: _____________

Cost: $__________________ When is home to be moved? ______________________

What type of foundation will home be set on? ________________________________


How soon after home is installed will it be skirted or closed in? __________________

Does the building comply with the sub-division restrictions? ___Yes ___No

(If not in sub-div. Omit)ATTACH:NOTICE:



_____________________________ _____________________________

Signature Owner Signature of Applicant if made by Agent Application without complete information will not be approved. copy of legal description of lot & if in a sub-division a copy of the restrictions two (2) snapshots of the home. a drawing showing set backs (IN FEET) from sides, front & back.

Application fee of $75.00 and a Administrative fee of $25.00

Fee Paid: $ _______ cash_______ check _________Money Order



Approved _____Yes ___No


_____________________________ Date: __________________

City Official/Title




Mobile-Mfg Home Application.wps

In order to print this application you have two choices.

1. Highlight and copy text and print selected text.

2. Click on the icon. Open the document and print.